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August 2010

Chris Nickum

New Commercial Models for New Market Realities

by Chris Nickum
VP and Global Practice Leader, Commercial Effectiveness, IMS Health

Maximizing the efficiency of commercial operations is standard fare for companies operating in a difficult economy and with budget constraints. Yet, because the pharmaceutical world is moving towards heavier commoditization, with 75-80 percent of mature markets expected to be undifferentiated by 2015, creating commercial efficiencies is no longer simply about managing costs. What it's really about is devising a New Commercial Model (NCM) that better leverages available, or yet-to-be discovered approaches, that will suit new market realities. These changes will require fundamental change within a company whether that change is incremental or substantial.

The good news is that as a very experienced industry addresses these issues, some of the fog is beginning to lift. IMS has been on the forefront in helping the industry define, quantify and address these new challenges. However, based on IMS research conducted with 500 industry executives, over 90 percent of respondents have not implemented any major, groundbreaking changes to their go-to-market approaches.

By 2015, pharmaceutical manufacturers in the mature markets will be pressed to evolve their commercial practices in fundamental ways. Two circumstances will shape both how pharmaceutical manufacturers go to market and what they market.

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