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Did you know that as pharmaceutical organizations have to increase their reliance on technology in order to meet ever changing compliance needs, cost of ownership is becoming a critical issue not just for small companies but also mid-size organizations?

Compliance with FDA’s eCTD requirements need not be a burden for any size company when “renting” a solution is just as effective as making the investment to buy a solution.

Finding an eCTD provider who has made a significant capital investment into their ASP technology at least over the last 5 years to deliver lower costs, higher security and up-to-the-minute software upgrades can spread out costs and lower risks for a company.

Using “software-as-a-service” or “pay-as-you-go” offers will serve not only as a company’s primary submission management solution, but can also be implemented as an indispensable backup system, keeping a company’s dossier portfolio safe and secure. Maintaining this service in a geographically distant location can even protect a company against threats such as terrorism or natural disasters.

Did you also know that security, experience and perseverance in maintaining an ASP environment is far more critical than price, add-on consultation or location when selecting a solution to “rent?”

For more information on how customers all over the world from Chennai to India and from San Diego, to California have been using LORENZ’s world-class web-enabled docuBridge software as a service offering in order to give them an operational competitive advantage, log onto www.lorenz.cc or call Yaprak Eisinger at 1.866.286.0051.

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