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Did you know that you could receive detailed, FREE training from FDA CDRH Learn?

Jul 10, 2011 | Free Downloads | email | Print

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For the medical device industry, it's not always easy to understand and correctly implement FDA regulations. CDRH (Center for Devices and Radiological Health) is providing a free online educational tool with training modules that describe "many aspects of medical device and radiological health regulation [that cover] both premarket and postmarket issues."1

The tool according to the FDA's website, "is intended to provide the medical device and radiological health industry with an information resource that is comprehensive, interactive, and easily accessible."2 Instructors are all FDA and/or CDRH staff members and "have claimed no interests, financial or otherwise, with medical device or radiation-emitting products that may be shown in any of the presentations."3

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To learn more about FDA CDRH Learn, please feel free to visit:


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