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September 2010

Nancie Celini

Defining GxP Training/Learning: Part 1

by Nancie E. Celini
GxP, Learning Program Lead

The bio/pharmaceutical industry has created its own language and GxP is one of many acronyms that we all tend to use. While this may seem "elementary" to some of you, many people may not know what this means. So let's define it because when we refer to "GxP training" you need to have the right context.

  • G = Good
  • x (variable replaced with Clinical, Manufacturing or Laboratory)
  • P = Practice

As you can see, GxP is used as the acronym that refers to the regulations established by the United States Food and Drug Administration which are published in the Code of Federal Regulations. Sometimes people refer to the "GCPs" which specifically were created as the rules that govern clinical trials vs. product manufacturing (GMPs) or laboratory regulations (GLPs). Together, these rules are known collectively as the "predicate rules" and govern a wide spectrum of regulatory obligations across the diverse life science industries. The predicate rules also provide a standard against which citations can be effectively made when FDA inspections are conducted. Violation of a predicate rule will most likely result in a 483 followed by a warning letter. Got it?

There is just a bit more to help you navigate this important terrain before we delve into why a GxP training / learning program is vital.

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Did you know that in 2011 the FDA is going to be targeting Part 11 compliance more closely? Why target adherence to Part 11 requirements? The truth is that over the past few years Part 11 requirements, which were first established in 1997, haven't taken a tremendous amount of precedence during FDA inspections. This was partially due to the controversial nature of the creation of the Part 11 standards.
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