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MasterControl & AMG Transaction Questions and Answers


Q: How does this transaction between AMG and MasterControl affect my contractual obligation to AMG?
A: It has no effect. All existing contractual obligations will continue as is.

Q: Who will be my main contact and when will this become effective?
A: Your main contacts will not change. Continue to contact the AMG UK office at +44 (0) 118 9812838 and the U.S. office at +1 210 698 6842. This transaction becomes effective 27 June 2007.

Q: Who do I contact for support?
A: You should continue to contact the support office as you do now via In the future additional support options will be made available to you in various geographies, should you choose to make use of them.

Q: What email address, phone number and fax number should I use in the future?
A: The same ones you currently use:
U.K. office: Phone: +44 (0) 118 981 2838
Fax: +44 (0) 118 981 5970
Email: for administrative inquiries for support inquiries
U.S. office: Phone: 210 698 6842
Fax: 210 698 6843

In the future, additional contact options will be made available to you in various geographies, should you choose to make use of them.

Q: Who do I contact for billing questions?
A: Continue to contact Tamara Fagg via email at or by phone at +44 (0) 118 9812838.

Q: Does this transaction affect my current implementation or upgrade?
A: No, all service delivery schedules for implementation or upgrade services will continue as planned.

Q: How does this transaction affect the future of QAAD as a product?
A: MasterControl’s strong financial position solidifies the future of the QAAD product line. Future integrations with MasterControl’s software suite will strengthen QAAD’s enterprise capabilities. It also enables enhanced support and services across North America and Europe.

Q: Will QAAD upgrades after 2007 include MasterControl document control software?
A: QAAD products will continue to allow customers to choose the features and components they think will best meet their needs.

Q: Who do I contact for new sales inquiries?
A: Your current sales contacts will remain the same. Additional sales resources will be made available to you in specific geographies should you prefer to contact them.

Q: Will support and/or services be transferred to MasterControl™
A: The current AMG support team will continue to provide the same exceptional support. As we proceed with our plans, enhanced support and service offerings will be provided in both the U.S. and Europe.

Q: What role will current AMG employees play in the new company?
A: All AMG employees will continue to serve in their current roles.

Q: Will AMG change its name to MasterControl™
No. AMG will continue to exist as a subsidiary of MasterControl Inc. MasterControl will continue to promote both the AMG name and the QAAD brand as a recognized leader in audit/QA software.

Q: What is MasterControl and what products does it offer?
A: MasterControl provides software and services that manage the entire GxP process during each of its critical stages from clinical all the way through to marketing and sales. This includes document control and management, training, CAPA management, process and route management, quality management and more. MasterControl’s products and services are specifically designed to provide easier FDA compliance, faster validation, and better GxP process management.

Q: Can you provide me with more MasterControl company information?
A: MasterControl Inc., based in Salt Lake City, has been at the forefront of providing innovative electronic management systems since 1993. In 1997, the Food and Drug Administration issued 21 CFR Part 11, which allowed FDA-regulated companies to use electronic record-keeping systems to meet predicate rules, such as 21 CFR Parts 820, 210-211, and 606. With its experience automating document control processes for companies in the ISO environment, MasterControl immediately saw the benefit their solutions could have for companies that needed to comply with Part 11. As a result, MasterControl pioneered the development of software designed to help FDA-regulated companies automate their paper-based quality management systems and comply with Part 11's requirements pertaining to electronic records and signatures. Over the last few years, the focus of the company’s products and services has grown beyond merely automating the document control process. Today MasterControl offers a full suite of products and services designed to help FDA-regulated companies manage their entire GxP process from the clinical stage all the way through marketing and sales. You may view its website at