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Integrated Quality Management Software - QS 9000, TS 16949, ISO 9000 Compliant Software to Improve Paper or Manual Automotive Quality System Processes

Automotive manufacturers and their suppliers face ever-changing customer demands, in addition to growing safety and environmental concerns. Now, more than ever, automotive manufacturers must balance goals of increasing productivity, efficiency, and innovation, with needs of improving product quality, safety, and reliability.

Automotive Regulatory Requirements and Quality Standards

In order to compete in the global market, automotive manufacturers must conform to ISO 9000 quality management standards, ISO 14000 environmental management standards, and TS 16949 - a technical specification used in conjunction with ISO 9001:2000 - which can be applied throughout the automotive supply chain. The Big Three - General Motors, Ford, and DaimlerChrysler - also require their suppliers to obtain QS-9000 registration. These three companies developed QS-9000 to cover some of their requirements not addressed by ISO 9000.

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Automotive Quality Challenges

For automotive companies and suppliers, the ultimate goal is to manufacture safe, reliable, and high-quality vehicles and components. To achieve this goal, they must address many quality-related challenges, including:

  • High Costs: Automotive manufacturers with multiple facilities and employees in different locations may find it cheaper initially to maintain separate quality systems, but the inefficiency of paper-based or hybrid systems that are not connected can cost a lot in terms of man-hours.

  • Search and Retrieval Issues: It's difficult to search and retrieve voluminous documentation (SOPs, policies, etc.) stored in disparate paper-based and electronic systems, especially during ISO and customer audits.

  • Inefficient System: For companies using a paper-based quality system, the change control process can be long and cumbersome, requiring face-to-face meetings to discuss changes and obtain approval and signatures. Any rejected change means even more meetings.

  • Poor Turnaround: A change control process that's not connected to other quality processes (CAPA, customer complaint, training, etc.) is likely to cause a poor turnaround in change implementation.

MasterControl Automotive Integrated Quality Management Software Solution

The MasterControl automotive integrated quality management suite is a configurable, easy-to-use solution that helps companies attain and sustain ISO certification and regulatory compliance. MasterControl connects different departments with each other and with data and processes under a secure and centralized web-based system. This connectivity helps promote quality throughout the enterprise by allowing management to continuously monitor and proactively improve the quality system.MasterControl can help automotive companies and their suppliers meet quality standards and increase efficiency.

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