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MasterControl Supplier™ - Mastering Supplier Management

MasterControl Supplier, an integrated component of the MasterControl quality suite, is designed for experts who have a demand to maintain supplier status and essential quality information, need a user-friendly interface for accessing supplier records, want online analytics to dynamically build reports and filter/trend data and could use a "Supplier View" that displays a Supplier Status field for each supplier that has been approved.

Become a Supplier Management Master

MasterControl Supplier gives you:

  • A single repository for accessing all supplier quality data and documentation—from non-conformances and audit observations to contracts and service level agreements, and everything in between
  • The capability to manage approvals at the individual part or services level Organization-wide access to AVLs updated in real time
  • Access to supplier-focused quality event solutions, such as MasterControl Supplier Corrective Action (SCAR)™, MasterControl Supplier Deviation™, and MasterControl Supplier Scorecard™
  • Seamless integration with complementary quality solutions such as MasterControl Audit™ and MasterControl Risk™
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Who Can Benefit from Using MasterControl Supplier?

Users from multiple departments can take control of their supplier management system. It's valuable for executives, management, quality professionals and IT personnel. Find out more by contacting a MasterControl representative.

Better Supplier Management

Juggling supplier information isn't a trick—it's a skill. Let MasterControl help you hone your professional skills and become a supplier management virtuoso. For more information about how MasterControl Supplier can help keep you from dropping the ball, contact a MasterControl specialist.