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Let MasterControl Mobile™ Set You Free!

Now You Can Access MasterControl Mobile Anytime and From Anywhere

Imagine being able to handle critical tasks without being chained to your desk or laptop! Now MasterControl users that spend a significant part of their workday away from their computers can remotely access vital documents, tasks, and information from their smart phones and tablets by using MasterControl Mobile.

MasterControl Mobile, an integrated component of the MasterControl quality suite, is designed for professionals like you who need to access documents while away from the office, in instances such as traveling, evenings at home, vacations, etc.

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The freedom you get from MasterControl Mobile gives you:

  • Compatibility with Multiple Devices: MasterControl Mobile has been specifically designed for the most popular devices that use iOS or Android.
  • Easy Configuration: Configuration can be done easily by accessing the regular user interface through a web browser.

Access MasterControl Anytime, Anywhere

You and your colleagues can remotely access vital documents, complete pending tasks, and collect critical data from smart phones and tablets by using MasterControl Mobile. Documents, tasks and data can be accessed from around the world, from just down the hall, in the lab, or on the shop floor. Regardless, MasterControl Mobile can set you free to perform these types of activities when and where you need to:

  • Show a prospect the latest marketing information (and be confident it is the latest product information since it’s in the MasterControl system)
  • Review the latest product specifications—with a supplier—over lunch on a tablet (instead of carrying an inventory of printed copies)
  • Keep critical approval processes moving while waiting for the next business meeting (in lieu of holding approvals until back in the office)
  • And more...

MasterControl Mobile sets all MasterControl users free by allowing them to perform MasterControl tasks from their mobile devices. The following types of users (because they often are not in front of a computer) will use MasterControl Mobile extensively:

  • Executives
  • Field-based employees
  • Employees on the production line, shop floor, etc.

Who Can Benefit From Using MasterControl Mobile?

Everyone! MasterControl Mobile will benefit frequent users, as well as infrequent users who don’t access the solution as much as they could due to time or geographical constraints.

Benefits to Executives

  • Allows executives and managers to quickly and easily address tasks, even with their hectic schedules.
  • Enables organizations to receive needed critical approval from executives anytime, anywhere.

Benefits to Plant/Manufacturing Floor Workers

  • Grants plant/manufacturing floor workers increased accessibility to documents and task assignments where the work is actually being done.
  • Extends the benefits of an automated system to the manufacturing area or any part of the organization’s facilities.

Benefits to Field Reps

  • Enables field-based employees to respond to client needs by being able to easily access documents, design files, records, marketing documents, or any other helpful information.