Learn how our customers have achieved a high ROI with MasterControl

Reducing Costs (Watch video)

  • Reduces the need to hire more people
  • Eliminates the costs associated with printing, copying and filing paper documents
  • Eliminates packaging and shipping costs involved with multiple facilities
  • Employees in all departments spend less time managing processes or documents and more time on higher priorities
  • Reduces the cost of repurposing information used by multiple departments
  • Decreases the cost associated with outsourcing and remote management

Increasing Revenue (Watch video)

  • Increases speed to market
  • Streamlines critical processes
  • Implements product enhancements more quickly
  • Improves product quality
  • Impresses customers, prospects and auditors

Reducing Risk (Watch video)

  • Enhances and enforces quality standards throughout your company
  • Ensures proper training for all employees
  • Compliant with 21 CFR Part 11 (FDA predicate rules and regulations)
  • Meets or exceeds expectations of auditors and inspectors — makes audits quick and easy
  • Extends collaboration, communication and approvals to include multiple facilities, suppliers and customers, regardless of geographic location

Tracking, Reporting and Troubleshooting (Watch video)

  • Allows executives to get a real-time, high-level view of progress
  • Identifies weaknesses in processes, training and personnel
  • Shows history and trends
  • Collects and summarizes multiple processes throughout the entire organization
  • Accessible via the Internet anywhere in the world

A Company-Wide Solution (Watch video)

  • Streamlines common processes within and between literally every department throughout your company including engineering/R&D, clinical, regulatory, manufacturing, quality control, sales & marketing, human resources, accounting, etc.
  • Easy to implement - easy to validate - easy to learn - easy to use
  • Manages processes and documents throughout the entire product lifecycle
  • Interfaces with other third party applications such as ERP, accounting software, CAD tools, etc.