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The ROI of MasterControl For Executives

Reduced costs, increased speed to market, improved staff morale, enhanced brand equity'executive-level management is becoming more and more aware of the benefits of investing in MasterControl. While the regulatory and legal drivers for implementing an automated enterprise quality management system (eQMS) are critical, the operational opportunities gained by automating your quality processes are equally compelling. Simply put: good compliance is good business, and the MasterControl eQMS suite of products can help you transform your compliance challenges into tangible business advantages.

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Software that Pays for Itself.

It's estimated that companies waste billions of dollars annually implementing software products that ultimately underperform. That's because it's difficult to know which software investments will bring the greatest value to your business. At MasterControl, we have a proven track record of delivering high ROI eQMS solutions across all industry sectors. We also offer a cloud-based solution that offers you the same robust system in a secure environment without the need for a large up-front capital investment or IT staff.

Executive ROI

Hundreds of regulated companies, both large and small, are enjoying significant costs savings and improved productivity after implementing a MasterControl solution. Our software pays for itself by:

Lowering Costs

  • Reduces the need to hire more people
  • Eliminates the costs associated with printing, copying, and filing paper documents
  • Eliminates packaging and shipping costs involved with multiple facilities
  • Employees spend less time managing processes or documents and more time on higher priorities
  • Reduces the cost of repurposing information used by multiple departments
  • Decreases the cost associated with outsourcing and remote management

Increasing Revenue

  • Increases speed to market
  • Streamlines critical processes
  • Implements product enhancements faster
  • Improves product quality
  • Impresses customers, prospects, and auditors, enhancing brand equity

Reducing Risk

  • Enhances and enforces quality standards company wide
  • Ensures proper employee training
  • Compliant with 21 CFR Part 11
  • Meets or exceeds the expectations of auditors and inspectors, making audits quick and easy
  • Extends collaboration, communication, and approvals to include multiple facilities, suppliers, and customers, regardless of geographic location

Enhancing Visibility and Decision-Making

  • Allows executives to get a real-time, high-level view of progress
  • Identifies weaknesses in processes, training, and personnel
  • Collects and summarizes multiple processes throughout the entire organization
  • Accessible via the Internet anywhere in the world

To find out how MasterControl software pays for itself, contact us or call 1.866.747.8767.