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MasterControl Audit™ - Make Your Audits Blissful not Stressful

Are your audits leading you to Audit Stress Management?

If your audits have become more painful than gainful, it's time to de-stress and find Audit Nirvana with MasterControl.

MasterControl Audit™

MasterControl Audit is an integrated part of the MasterControl quality management software suite and enables organizations to electronically manage their entire audit process. From planning and scheduling audits and audit resources to capturing and managing associated findings, reporting on the resulting data, and creating final audit reports—MasterControl Audit does it all.

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How Can You Achieve Audit Nirvana?

MasterControl Audit provides professionals with superior tools to conduct and manage the perfect audit. With MasterControl's unrivaled Audit offering, auditors can:

  • Comfortably utilize familiar tools like Microsoft Word and Outlook to conduct audits
  • Effortlessly plan and schedule audit resources using MasterControl's online drag and drop calendar
  • Take delight in easy audit report creation thanks to rich text data that is maintained all the way from auditor entry and peer review through to automated report generation
  • Enjoy seamless connections that enable stress-free management of CAPAs, suppliers, and risk

Advanced Tools That Make Otherwise Bad Experiences Great

After visiting with customers and assessing their needs, MasterControl Inc. has devoted its efforts toward designing a definitive audit solution of superior strength and usability. The enhanced Audit solution enables an auditor and/or organization to manage the complete audit process...

...from beginning — planning and scheduling audits and resources end — executing audits and CAPAs, reporting on resulting data, creating final audit reports, managing associated findings and responses, etc.

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Let MasterControl help make certain that each one of your audits is complete bliss. For more details about how MasterControl can enhance the complete audit process, contact a MasterControl specialist.