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Medical Equipment Calibration

For life science companies (especially those related to the medical device industry) medical equipment calibration is an important aspect of quality control.

Which Medical Equipment Calibration Method is Best for ROI efficiency?

Some companies manage medical equipment calibration with manual processes, some outsource their medical equipment calibration tasks and others elect to utilize calibration software solutions.

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About MasterControl's Medical Equipment Calibration

For over a decade, MasterControl has been a leading provider of content and process management automation software. With years of experience working in rigorous FDA and ISO environments, MasterControl has developed time-tested medical equipment calibration solutions to the challenges of compliance. As part of its complete approach to compliance, MasterControl offers an automated, streamlined corrective action form to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the CAPA management process.

Medical Equipment Calibration: The Pros and Cons of Various Calibration Methodologies When considering methods of medical equipment calibration management, it is important to consider the pros and cons associated with each popular method of management:

Management Method




Is generally less expensive but only for a given period of time, depending on the amount of equipment in question and the man hours required for the accurate gathering of medical equipment calibration data.

Slow, often inaccurate, is a poor use of man hours, does not require appropriate training from employees, and is often disconnected.


Can be fairly inexpensive but only for a given period of time depending on the amount of equipment and man hours required for accurate medical equipment calibration.

Also places the responsibility for accurate calibration on a company that specializes in the task.

Lag time exists between medical equipment calibration data and the assignment of maintenance tasks.

Can become expensive over time.

Employees are not necessarily prepared with appropriate training.

Calibration Software

MasterControl medical equipment calibration software is fast, more accurate, and can ensure that employees have received appropriate training.

In addition, MasterControl medical equipment calibration software also saves invaluable man hours, and can provide greater connectivity with maintenance software for quick data-to-maintenance results.

Is relatively expensive as a first time investment.

Contact a MasterControl Representative for More Details on Medical Equipment Calibration

Contact a MasterControl representative to learn more about a software solution designed to manage medical equipment calibration processes. Find out how the MasterControl solution can streamline your medical equipment calibration procedures.